High Throughput Blockchain
Adaptive State Sharding technology, a secure sharding protocol for blockchains.
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Our Token sale will commence on Dec 7th, 2018
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Identity Network Sharding (INS), Identity Transaction Sharding (ITS), Identity Virtual Machine (IVM).

We aim to combat fundamental weaknesses correlated with blockchain architecture. Pre-existing developments have exhausting problems such as slow block times and high transaction costs. Blockchain commercialization and utilization becomes more costly and taxing for companies this way. Our set of development tools will remedy this, gathering advanced blockchain technology to experienced developers and amateur developers alike. We present the first candidate for a secure sharding protocol for permission-less blockchains. At its core, it will scale up the agreement throughput near linearly with the computational power of the network and tolerates byzantine adversaries which controls up to one-fourth computation capacity. It offers promising scalability and usability in next-generation cryptocurrencies.



An aim for Minimization in transaction intricacy, as well as advancements in clarity and fraud, Providing multiparty transactions using our convenient architecture. Sharding technology uses a prominent consensus protocol to complement transaction processing.



Decentralized Nodes can interoperate without a centralized source of decision making and management. Nodes can make decisions amongst themselves, including systemic administrative decisions on the basis of consensus. Subset nodes collaborate using algorithms to aid in completion.

Budgetary Organisation

Combined financial knowledge with quantitative risk assessment to assess how an investment will perform under a new offering in the financial sector. The use of stochastics, simulations and analytics to design and implement new financial processes to solve problems.
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A Million


Multi-Layer Sharding
No transaction
Permission Less Network
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A mobile app with global connectivity. Send money across the world and exchange currencies.
Receive an additional 20% bonus when you purchase tokens in our pre-sale. (min 10 ETH)
Token Stats
  • Name:Polaris
  • Fixed Limit:20,000,000 USD
  • Tokens:1,000,000,000
  • Bonus:20% Presale
  • Currency:ETH
  • Min Purchase:10 ETH
  • Starts:December 7th (9:00 AM)
  • Ends:January 7th, 2019 (11:59 PM)
$0.02 - Coin price
20 Million Hard Cap
1 Billion Token Sale
Sold PLR Tokens
Sold PLR Tokens
Sold PLR Tokens
Sold PLR Tokens
Fund distribution
10% Operations
10% Publicity & PR
20% Sales & Marketing
50% Product
10% Security & Reserves
Token distribution
10% Advisors
10% Founders & Team
60% Pre Sale
20% Crowd Sale
Roadmap Timeline
Our Tech-Tentative Layout For The Future
  • Q1 2016Project Startup.
  • Q2 2017Adaptive Sharding
  • Q2 2019Testnet Release
  • Q2 2016Technical Whitepaper.
  • Q1 2018 Testnet Iterative
  • Q3 2019Main-net

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Meet Our Professionals
Lucien Tao
Lucien Tao
Head Of Research

Liu Jia
Lead Marketing

William Jing
Project Manager

Zing Mao
Application Developer

Lee Fong
Finance Executive

Michael Choy
Michael Choy
Core Developer

Tao Wang
Tao Wang
Business Development
Luyu wang
Core Developer

Xiao Ye
Xiao Ye
Head Of Technology
Yufeng Lu
Core Developer

Ning Shen
Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
Looking to partner with us?
We are currently in proceedings making collaborations with several new exciting partners to join the Polaris project, if you would like to associate your company with us please get in contact with our administrative team.



Our Technical Whitepaper

The Polaris Project will be the benchmark for blockchain technology. We aim at making our sharding technology bulletproof amongst the various other blockchain developments surfacing today.Our underlying technologies are proposed to be made open source as it is truly an open and decentralised system.

Frequently Questions

Tokens will be issued immediately to the public after payment transfer, Conversely team tokens will be unobtainable for a period of 12 months to attain sustainability to the projects longevity.

China and USA.

We formalize the problem of designing a secure sharding protocol for blockchains. Our goal is to split the network into multiple committees, each processes a separate set of transactions called a shard. The number of shards grows near linearly on the size of the network. The efficiency property represents the sharding advantage, where the cost is localized within a committee. Once the network agrees on the set, it can create a cryptographic digest and form a hash-chain with previous agreed sets in the previous runs. This serves as a distributed ledger of facts or transactions.

Simply put, because there isn’t yet a blockchain that is up to the task. The large chains – Bitcoin and Ethereum – are slow and lack efficiency, speed, and functionality. The approach taken by most blockchains is to focus on solving one problem, rather than taking the approach that there are numerous problems to be addressed before real-world utility will be achieved.

Fund raising will be used For immediate development needs, including hiring more world-class core developers, expanding our development team, and ensuring that the mainnet is successfully released as soon as possible. We have aggressive goals to reach in terms of platform development and promotion.

We currently have a team of full time developers working on the POLARIS project. We will continue to update our projections through the roadmap as we progress.

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Our Team are dedicated hard working individuals who are currently progressing on the Polaris Project. Your Support is important to us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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At Polaris, we are always looking to expand our team with skilled professionals. If you feel you are up to the challenge, please forward your resume to our administration team : admin@polarisofficial.io